Portable Mini-Presso Review

Espresso on the go!

Espresso on the go is now possible and the results are good, in fact I would go as far as saying great. When I was given the chance to test the pill shaped mini espresso machine that requires only hot water and ground coffee to operate I was a little uncertain, probably more like sceptical as to whether this was going to be another useless gadget.



First impressions were good with the unit being compact and self contained but I was a little uncertain about all of the parts that seemed to unscrew, pull out and which order to out it back in but after following the instructions and seeing the Mini-press working it is really simple to use. The parts consist of a pressurised pump (the main body) a hot water tank, filter system, cup to put into and a measuring spoon.


Making the Espresso

Placing the ground coffee into the filter basket and attaching it to the main body is straightforward, the hot water tank (basically a portable cup) is filled with boiling water and placed at the opposite end of the main body and screwed into position. With the pieces of the puzzle all in place there is a pump handle that releases from the main body and with firm pressure and repeated pumping (around 20 times) you will have a decent double espresso.

Small but perfectly formed is not only applicable to the espresso but also the mini-presso machine that delivered the drink and for the sum of around £20 you can buy one of these on eBay. This is not going to be replacing your home coffee machine but for what it costs and what it does it certainly is worth taking walking, camping or even to the gym for that espresso shot on the go.

Thumbs up from Cheddar Coffee!